Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Playlist: Oct. 8 through Oct. 14

"Big sky is in the AO. Reading you five by five."
Things went remarkably well last week. Got lots of XCOM played, and put up my review at ArsTechnica. It was well received, although my spelling remains atrocious. Their PR team told me that I'd be getting new retail code eventually, but not even the fear of losing my save games could stop me from staying up way too late last night playing more. Such a luxurious game. I also got invited to the Gamers With Jobs podcast, which is always a hoot and a half. It'll be up Wednesday as per usual with a big chunk of time devoted to XCOM.

Went at least four more rounds in my Combat Mission game, which is a lot of game in an already busy week. Much to update there this week when I get around to it. Things are going more or less to plan, but my entrenchment was not able to hold up and score any hits on the US tanks. Very sad to lose those men in that way, but their artillery was just awesome whereas mine was horrid.

Played some Zombicide, and need to get that written up this week. If Last Night On Earth is a campy B-movie, Zombicide is straight up Left For Dead-style undead murdering. Literally hundreds of bodies in the streets. It was insane.

Did not get around to A House Divided, and managed to contract two or three more reviews on top of that. So I'll be pretty busy through October. Stay tuned!

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