Published Work


          ChicagoQuest: Teaching with games in Chicago's Cabrini-Green
          World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition: Wargaming's phenomenon comes to the console
          Making Games and Breakdancing in the Former USSR: The story of Contre Jour
          Unity of Command: The origin of a modern wargame
          Eight Arms To Hold You: The unlikely family behind Octodad
          Breathe In The Road: Cardboard Computer and Kentucky Route Zero          
          Turn By Turn: The story of Battlefront

Ars Technica:

          XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a credit to the name
          Getting back to the story: Hands-on with Dungeons & Dragons Next       
          Paging Dr. Wasteland: One man's crusade to heal DayZ's zombie victims
          DePaul Game Dev students give WiiU mixed marks at early demo
          Catan Junior brings serious board game strategy to tots


          Zombicide and All Things Zombie Reviews

Armchair General

          GenCon 2012 - A Photo Essay
          A Few Acres of Snow - Board Game Review
          DayZ - Interview with Dean 'Rocket' Hall, the Game's Creator
          Combat Mission: Commonwealth Forces - PC Game Review
          Xenonauts - PC Game Preview
          Lost Reich - Miniatures Game Review
          Wargame: European Escalation - PC Game Review
          King Arthur II Prologue: Dead Legions - PC Game Preview
          Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - PC Game Review
          Gears of War - Board Game Review
          Tanking in Battlefield 3 and Red Orchestra 2
          Risk: Legacy - Board Game Review
          Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece - PC Game Review
          A Visit with Z-Man Games
          Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Contemporary Field Manuals
          Leviathans - Wargame of the Show at GenCon

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