Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raw Notes: Wurm Online - "I gave a cotton to someone"

Hopped onto the Reddit Wurm group today as it was forming, then got into the Steam group. Let's see how this goes...


TheWanderer: Okay, I'm back on. Hi1
TheWanderer: !
Atazs: hi
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: Hullo
TheWanderer: I'm a total newb here, but I have an ounce of sense in my head.
TheWanderer: I'm staring at the login window...
TheWanderer: Is there a thing (or many things) that I should read and learn before going into the world?
трулли нахуй лулли: you could just do the tutorial

Playlist: Dec. 3 - Dec. 9

Well, finished Spec Ops: The Line. I'm going back now to review some old podcasts, specifically Weekend Confirmed 119 and the Gamers With Jobs #305 where they did a spoilers section. Then I'll take a little time and write a little something here before I dive into the ePub from Brendan Keogh (who put up some love for games writing at the New Statesman the other day). It won't be huge, because December is devoted to a big project I'm working on for a new outlet (that makes 4!). I'm lining up interviews as we speak, and I'm really excited about the prospects. 

With all the gift giving for the rest of the family, I may well not have the cash for Far Cry 3. Given the series' track record of deep discounts I'm shooting for a half-price purchase in February. In the mean time I'll be looking into Wurm. You were all right not to tell me about this immersive MMO, internet. It could have me in thrall for quite some time from the looks of it. But I found it on my own, and it looks too good to be true. Check out this RPS article from 2010 as it does a better job at describing it than I have time for this morning. The thing's been in development for 5 or 6 years, is free to play, and looks wholly unique. Right up my alley.