Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raw Notes: Wurm Online - "I gave a cotton to someone"

Hopped onto the Reddit Wurm group today as it was forming, then got into the Steam group. Let's see how this goes...


TheWanderer: Okay, I'm back on. Hi1
TheWanderer: !
Atazs: hi
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: Hullo
TheWanderer: I'm a total newb here, but I have an ounce of sense in my head.
TheWanderer: I'm staring at the login window...
TheWanderer: Is there a thing (or many things) that I should read and learn before going into the world?
трулли нахуй лулли: you could just do the tutorial
трулли нахуй лулли: and wait at the end of it
Atazs: the tutorial teaches you the basics
TheWanderer: I have to understand the architecture first.
трулли нахуй лулли: basically
TheWanderer: There's a tutorial?
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: Yes
трулли нахуй лулли: yes
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: Somewhat
трулли нахуй лулли: every new character made has to go through a tutorial
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: Combat is missing IIRC
TheWanderer: Can you move between servers after you go to one?
{DVH} Den Vlieghende Hollander: It's hard
TheWanderer: Or am I stuck on a shard?
трулли нахуй лулли: look at it this way
трулли нахуй лулли: there are different server clusters atm
трулли нахуй лулли: that being epic and freedom
TheWanderer: Epic, Freedom... got it.
трулли нахуй лулли: the freedom cluster consists of different servers
трулли нахуй лулли: and so does the epic cluster
TheWanderer: OK.
трулли нахуй лулли: you can travel in between servers on the freedom cluster, and the same with the epic cluster
Atazs: you can sail between freedom servers and epic servers
Atazs: but cant sail between epic and freedom
TheWanderer: OK.
TheWanderer: So, Epic is PvP then?
Atazs: yes
Atazs: also
Atazs: the new server
Atazs: it will be a new cluster
Atazs: not connected to anything
Atazs: only avaible trough the tutorial
TheWanderer: Curious.
трулли нахуй лулли: if you want to move between freedom and epic you can do so through a portal thats easily constructed
Atazs: no teleport between servers
Atazs: only between epic and freedom
трулли нахуй лулли: but its like two different states
трулли нахуй лулли: of being (?)
TheWanderer: Right... so you can be PvP or PvE, but only on separate shards in each paradigm.
Atazs: well no
трулли нахуй лулли: yea
TheWanderer: lol
Atazs: there is chaos on freedom
Atazs: with limited pvp
TheWanderer: OK
трулли нахуй лулли: fuck off with your chaos
трулли нахуй лулли: chaos is shit
Atazs: stfu
трулли нахуй лулли: lol
Atazs: go die
трулли нахуй лулли: also
трулли нахуй лулли: if you want to travel in between clusters with the same account, you can do so
TheWanderer: Lemme slow this down...
трулли нахуй лулли: but your characters skills will only remain on that particular cluster
TheWanderer: How do I join YOU ALL?
Atazs: but skills dont transfer between epic and freedom
TheWanderer: As quickly as possible./
Atazs: we arent playing together
трулли нахуй лулли: youll have to do the tutorial and then wait for the opening of the new server
Atazs: and dvh does not even have a character
TheWanderer: Okay!
трулли нахуй лулли: im on epic and dont have any premium so i cant play :P
трулли нахуй лулли: atazs is on chaos
TheWanderer: Is there a tutorial for the tutorial?
TheWanderer: Like, something to read?
трулли нахуй лулли: yes
Atazs: yea
трулли нахуй лулли: it will go in depth about basics
трулли нахуй лулли: oxymoron
трулли нахуй лулли: whatever
TheWanderer: Link?
трулли нахуй лулли: oh its all ingame
трулли нахуй лулли: if you want to start off the tutorial just register on the wurmonline site
трулли нахуй лулли: and download the client and bam
трулли нахуй лулли: there it is
TheWanderer: I'm ready to start, after registering and downloading.
TheWanderer: Cool.
TheWanderer: I'll come after you all after I'm done with the turtorial.
TheWanderer: TTFN.
трулли нахуй лулли: dont troll our members pliz
Atazs: i gave a cotton to someone yesterday

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