Monday, October 1, 2012

Playlist: Oct 1 through Oct 7

Finally got A House Divided out on the table in front of me. It's a big, operational map of the Civil War with each turn divided by the months within each year of the campaign. There's special rules for supply, for generals, for draft riots... For being a light wargame, it's pretty dense. Walkthroughs that I'm seeing are saying a quick game is 4-6 hours. Sounds like I need to commit one Saturday to beating this things into submission. Just have to find a friend to help.

Features I'm excited to explore include using rivers asymmetrically (Union forces had a naval advantage that stretched to the rivers, it would seem) as well as using cavalry forces to cut supply and generally harass forces at the flanks. Also, the number of "recruiting cities" you have under your control effectively sets an upper limit on the number of forces you can field at any one time. Promoting units puts more militia back in your draft pool, but without fighting you can't promote. Therefore if you turtle up your units are that much weaker when the guns start going off. 

Put Zombicide on the table as well. You know a miniatures-focused company is behind a game when every single mini has it's own vacu-formed cubby. This is the most densely packed box I've yet seen, and the sculpts are really unique. Only thing that's bothered me so far is that every female sculpt, zombie or otherwise, has their underwear showing. Not sure that's necessary.

Also hoping to get some review code for War of the Roses and XCOM in this week but I'm trying to push that to the back of my mind.

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