Monday, October 22, 2012

Playlist: Oct. 22 through Oct. 28

Slow week last week. Feels like when the day job is slow that my freelance work slows as well.

I did get some stick time with War of the Roses. For the first hour I was beginning to wonder why the hell that I'd asked to review this broken, shitty game. By the end of the second hour I was white knuckling my mouse, fully engrossed and locked in mortal combat with a claymore-wielding warrior in red enameled armor. The game is deceptively complex, requires more than a little bit of skill, and the only thing I think it is lacking is an enemy lock-on button. As it stands it's a bit dizzying to play. More soon in my review for

Also, put Labyrinth: The War on Terror on the table properly last night and spent a few hours with the rule book. There's a second book that comes with, a play guide, that walks you through a few rounds of the two-player and the single-player version of the game. Very very well written, including jumps back and forth to the manual for key reading and encouragement as well ("Go read section 5.4.3, and don't worry it's not that long. See you in a few minutes."). Gotta love a game that drives you to the internet to look up political groups, historical figures, and international treaties in order to properly contextualize the game events. I'll be spending some more time with it this week, in between finishing a few articles, but I think I already know enough to run a solid tutorial game or two for GWJrs playing at PenguinCon.

(Image used under CC license from Flickr user Digenvez. Nice lighting.)

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