Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things Seen On A Recent Visit To A Government Facility

  • A series of four cubicles (half height) which bad been cleared out to create a faux conference room.
  • Three (3) offices built around support columns (doric) which ostensibly hold up the building. The columns moved through the offices directly where the chair would go, such that the wrap-around desks effectively surrounded the columns. The chair was placed to the side of the column or behind it, rendering the desk ultimately useless.
  • One (1) vent drywall-screwed to a wall. The vent did not cover a ventilation system. It was screwed to a blank section of wall. In the past someone had painted around the vent rather than take it down, such that the old wall color (yellow) could be seen underneath.
  • Asbestos floor tile. Everywhere.

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